Dead-Eye Solutions is a collaborative effort between Steve Manatt and Mike High and is focused on creating innovative accessories for the disc golf community. As seasoned disc golfers who care about the game, we ensure all Dead-Eye products are meticulously designed and thoroughly tested.

Our flagship product, the Dead-Eye Towel, is a great example of our commitment to quality. This premium towel includes features that are absolutely game-changing. You will not find another towel that makes so much sense.

Steve has been playing disc golf since 1994 and designed (and installed) the first 18-hole disc golf course in Fayetteville, AR at Gulley Park. His love for the game fuels his passion for designing disc golf accessories that make sense and improves the player’s performance on the course.

As a former Olympic downhill skier, Mike’s natural athletic abilities allowed him to take up the sport in 2015 and march his way to a 4th place finish at the 2021 Amateur World Championships in Orlando, FL. Mike is always looking for ways to score well and compete at the highest level.

Mike’s experience with product development combined with Steve’s eye for design makes them a powerful team that you can count on for innovation and quality.

If you see us on the course, come introduce yourself and tell us how you found Dead-Eye.